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Friday, January 29, 2010

The sound of an old guitar is saving you from sinking.

It's almost time. One more sleep in this stupid apartment, then we are free (and off to the new house!). Ruby and Olivia are very excited. We headed to the house last evening to bring some boxes over, and took the dogs over so they could check it out beforehand. They loved the space to run around!

I took some random pictures last night, here's Paul and his mom in our new kitchen!

And here's part of the living room (I know, bad pictures, but I just took them quick):

And then, after Paul's parents left and I was doing laundry, Paul decided to put together our new coffee table. No picture of the final product, I'll get that one tonight.

And lastly, here's Ruby's first picture in the new house:

And now as I sit here, anxiously avoiding doing the dishes (and then packing them), I'm watching Til Debt to us Part and stalking facebook and thenest. I just want it to be six o'clock tonight, and Paul to get home. Tonight promises unpacking more boxes, Paul building two DVD shelves and me doing more laundry. It's funny now doing laundry is fun when it's in my basement and not down three flights of stairs in a common area. Oh, plus, I have a dishwasher for the first time in my entire life. No one complaning about doing the dishes for this girl (after today).

I'll post tomorrow night with tons of pictures from the move and how we've decided to set up the house. Until then, wish us luck for a smooth move!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

And part three, finally.

And now, the final segment of my bragging about the Dominican trip is here.


The day trip out of the resort on Thursday was very eye-opening. We drove through the richest area of the Puerta Plata, saw some fancy houses and the "white house", shown here.

Then we went to visit a church. It was a religious holiday, so there were lots of people there.

We got back on the bus and headed down the street to a little shop. Inside, we were rushed to the very back and closed in a room. Here, a man demonstrated how to roll a cigar, and let anyone who wanted to try do it as well. Of course, Paul was up first.

Next, we headed to a "castle", where there were wars fought, back in the day. Obviously, I was listening much when the tour guide was explaining this to us, but either way I got some good pictures here. It was just something Paul and I had never seen before - and we loved it.

A view from inside:

I love this picture:

We went to the amber museum and to lunch afterwards, then straight to Sousua Beach. There, Paul managed to get a beautiful jewlery box and a unique photo album, both for $22 US. We walked down the beach, got soaked from the massive waves coming to the shore and got hassled to rent beach chairs for $3 US.

We kept walking, didn't stop to use the washroom (even though I had to pee, bad) because, yeah, they wanted us to pay for that as well. Back on the bus, we headed to the supermarket, where we picked up six bags of Dominican coffee (for uber cheap) and a bottle of Brugal rum, which we brought back for Paul's dad. Then, we were on our way back to the resort.

Friday was for relaxing (not like the rest of the week wasn't, right?). We spent almost all of the morning and afternoon in the ocean. It was the perfect way to end our trip. In the evening, we played mini-putt again, rode the bikes around the resort, and attempted to play tennis (well, Paul and Christoff did). We went to bed early (booo) because we had to be up and out of our rooms by 6:45am.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Part two!

I want to go back to Dominican now, please.

It's really cold here today. I would love to go back to the Dominican weather. What alse I'm not a huge fan of currently? The bug bites that have appeared all over my feet and legs over the past two days. They are itchy as hell and I can't stop scratching! I need relief - and the anti-itch lotion that I have (which is long expired, by the way) isn't going to cut it.

What does make me want to stay in snowy Kitchener is the fact that we are moving in three days! I got the keys to the house this morning - Paul's going to go and start moving small stuff over tonight and tomorrow night. Saturday is the big stuff, with the truck. I am shaking right now because I'm so excited. Everything falling right into place. :D

Back to the part two Dominican post:

Sunday was our first full day at the resort. We spent the morning and afternoon in the pool, chillin' by the swim-up bar, only leaving for lunch. It was so relaxing. The sun was so hot and the drinks kept coming and we stayed in the pool until we were more pruney than ever before. The night was the bachelor/bachelorette parties. We had dinner together, then seperated for the evening. We ended up meeting up with the boys again at the karaoke bar around midnight. That was the first night we experiences the amazing 2am grilled cheese and chips, from the snack bar. So good.

Monday is kind of a blur - I know we spent most of the day at the pool, again. Throw in lunch at the buffet restaurant and a dip in the ocean and that was that. We also headed down to the beach to the shops that evening.

And the resort looked amazing that night:

Tuesday was the wedding. We got up early, headed down to the beach for awhile, then to play mini-put. We started getting at 1pm. The girls were in Nicole and Alex's room, the boys were down in Cookie and Ashley's room. Once we were ready, we went outside to take pictures (once the boys were gone down to the beach, of course).

The ceremony was at 4pm and was pretty short and sweet. Afterwards, we did lots of pictures on the beach, which are all beautiful. This is one of my favourites that I took:

After that, we went and waited for dinner, which was at 7pm. Well, we found out that our favourite bartender was working by the area we were waiting, and we started ordering Angel Specials... and after four each, we were all nice and buzzed, just in time for dinner. The dinner was delicious, I had vegetarian canneloni. Mmmmm.


Part three to come tomorrow... I am off to work again.

Monday, January 25, 2010

This girl's back!

It's Monday afternoon = it's five days til we move to our new house!

We got back from our trip on Saturday around 8pm. That was the longest day of our lives. You'll hear about that later. Yesterday was a bit of running around, we got some groceries, dog food, watched a movie with some friends. We went to bed early because we had to get up early this morning. You'll hear about that later, as well.

Let's rewind ten days. PS. this will be part one of many (there's no way I can write about the whole trip in one post).

Last Friday night began the trip. The limo picked us up from Ashley and Cookie's house at 130am.

The limo bus was crazy fancy, and it got us to the airport in record time. But the bad news was that it was barely 230am when we arrived. Oh, right... our flight was at 6am. We got our boarding passes. We got "breakfast". We sat around, waiting, waiting, waiting. We went through security. Easy-peasy. It was then 330am. We played games on my iPod touch. We tried to sleep. We ate again. Finally, it was 6am, and we got to board our plane.

The plane was big, yet small. It was the "biggest" plane I'd ever been on - it had about 26 rows and six seats in each row. My computer calculator tells me that's 156 seats. But the rows were all squished togeter and though I had plenty of room in my seat, Paul, well, didn't. He had to put his legs into the aisle, he was very uncomfortable... and he complained. Alot. We tried to sleep for most of the four hour flight - I think we each got about two hours of real sleep.

It was about noon by the time we got onto the bus that would take us to the resort. It was just over an hour ride - and quite a ride it was. This is taken from where I was at the back of the bus - Paul was up there at the front by himself.

I had to pee so bad (the washroom in the Dominican airport was not so nice) and the bumpy ride didn't help, at all. The driver was nicknamed "Speedy Gonzales" and that he was. Either the brakes in the bus didn't work, or he didn't believe in using them - either way, it was a scary ride. But amusing, at the same time. The roads are in horrible condition and every passes everyone - they don't believe in slowly down unless absolutely necesary.

Finally we made it to the resort. I ran to the washroom, peed, then Paul and I got in line to check it. It was just after 1pm - our room wouldn't be ready until 3pm. We got our bracelets (I'm actually still wearing mine right now) and we headed to lunch at the buffet restaurant - which became our main source of food for the week.

And then we headed to our rooms. Here's Paul doing fancy stuff with his luggage.

And here's the view from Christoff and Caroyln's balcony.

To be continued... (I have to head to work)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

If you left it up to me, everyday would be a holiday from real.

As my iPod charges up for our Saturday morning adventure, I am listening to some tunes and waiting for my husband to get home. I can't wait TV because we are PVR'ing two shows (Grey's and Ace of Cakes) and when you record two, you have to watch one of them. Well, Paul would have my head if I watched them without him. But I like waiting for him, anyway. I brought him home pizza from work and we will have a nice, relaxing evening - and I think I'll go to bed early. I barely slept last night... I have a head cold and my nose is plugged = hard to breathe when I'm laying down. I finally got to sleep around 4am and we were up before 9am this morning. Tonight I'll try to get seven hours, considering we aren't sleeping tomorrow night. Of course I'd get a bad cold three days before a week long vacation.

It's T-Minus 24 hours until we go over to Cookie and Ashley's place to "party". We will probably just have a couple beers and hang out until the limo picks us up to take us to the airport, at 1am. Can't believe it's finally here!

{ What else can't I believe? That close to half a million people were killed in the earthquake in Haiti a few days ago, and that another few million are injured and need help, fast. I was glad to hear that the president is stepping in to help - but I can't help but wonder if it will be enough. I had to close my eyes while some footage showed on the news today. There were hundreds of bodies just on the sides of the roads, covered, and... ahh. I don't like thinking about it. They are all in my prayers, that's for sure. }

I can't help but think that I've overpacked for the trip (well, I know I have). We will be there for one week - I packed six tops, four pairs of shorts, three summer dresses, three bathing suits and one long sleeved shirt. I packed Paul, too, and he has two bathing suits, two pairs of shorts, one pair of pants, three t-shirts and two jerseys. I also packed all of our underwears, beaters, pjs, shoes, books, cameras... ahh we are bringing alot of stuff. I feel like going back and unpacking some, but then I'll feel like I'm missing it once I'm there, I'm sure. Maybe I'll see what Paul thinks when he gets home. Wait, no. He'll definitely tell me to unpack some stuff. And it's not like my tank tops or shorts take up much space. It's better to have too much than not enough, right? Right.

Okay, well, I'm off for ten days. At least I'll be back next Sunday with tons of pictures and experiences to share! :D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When winter falls, next year I'll be holidng on.

Money sucks. I want it to be four weeks from now so that we can get back on track and not so far behind. I think it is strange to me because we have never actually been this tight on money before. But we've never had to put out $1400 to buy five appliances, and $300 more in rent than usual, all at once. And I'm missing next week of work, and... everything. It's really everything. I won't mention that Paul buying a new flat screen TV and home theatre system on boxing day didn't exactly help things. Oh, wait, ooops. I mentioned it.

I can't wait to get a new job. It doesn't really matter where or what I'm doing, as long as it's not a restaurant. And as long as I don't have to take out all my piercings. I'm going to apply at Starbucks. And Sobeys. And Blockbuster. These are all in a plaza right by our new house. So we'll see what happens. I just don't want to have to bus downtown to work - besides the fact that I am hating my job more and more every day. It's going to be glorious when I get out of there.

Once we are settled in at the new place, I have a new job and we have good money coming in, I am going to self publish my first novel. I'll be able to put it into an online database and possibly sell some copies there - then hopefully I'll be able to get it into book stores. It's quite costly to get a book self published - there's a company here that does it and it's like $700 for the cheaper option, $1300 for the platinum package. So I'll be saving for awhile - I might even give up my next tattoo money. It's just something I am really looking forward to doing, for myself. Eventually I have to start looking into jobs within journalism, as well. Hopefully I'll be able to at least do some freelance work.

I sort of hate how I'm always planning. Planning for next week (our trip), two weeks from now (our move), and then planning our future after that. Planning a baby, planning a new job, always, always planning. When do I get to relax, stop my mind was going a mile-a-minute, and take the days as they come? Maybe when I'm old, our kids are grown up, and we are retired? Bah - I guess I'll probably be planning for the rest of my life. I make lists, just to cross stuff off of it. It's just the way I am.

Here's some more pictures of Ruby, for my Ruby Tuesday post. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Somehow everything's gonna fall right into the place. If we only had a way to make it all, fall faster everyday.

It just occured me to that I haven't gotten tattooed since July '09. Six months isn't that long to not get tattooed, I know, but for awhile I was used to get tattooed once every month or every two months. I have about six hours left of work on my left sleeve, and I'd love it get finished. But, of course, it's Paul's turn next. He had an appointment in October that he had to cancel because we didn't have the money - so when we do have the money, in a few months, it's his turn. I'm sad about this. I will probably have to wait until the fall (eeeek!) to finish my sleeve, then on to add to my chest piece, I think. I guess I have a long time to figure it out.

We went to see our new house today. It was so exciting and nice to talk about where we're going to put things, how we'll set up the office, the spare room, and so on. We also looked at her patio table and chairs that we're getting from her, as well. Less than three weeks til we move!

We also went to Old Navy and Walmart today. We each got a new bathing suit, we got bug spray and sun screen and stuff like that, for the trip. We had to rush a bit because we had to get back so I could head off to work, but we got in all we needed to do. Tomorrow we have to hit the Dollarama before we head to Cookie and Ashley's place for the wedding party get-together. Then we'll be ready to go on our vacation - in six days!!

I'm off to do some writing/go to bed. I'm beat.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I've been waiting since birth to find a love, that would look and sound like a movie.

I was extra productive today, I think it made up for all my recent non-productive days. I'm hoping so, anyway. List of what I did today:

- took the dogs for a long-ish walk
- took the bus to the mall to meet my friend Nicole for lunch
- came home and did three huge loads of laundry
- folded and packed most of said laundry
- cleaned the stove really good
- packed another couple of boxes for the move
- packed more for Dominican, made lists of more to pack

And now I'm starving. Paul just got home from work, we have to go swing by his sister's place for a bit, then we'll come home and I'll make dinner, I suppose. Hopefully I can hold out for an hour to so.

Countdown to Dominican has entered single digits: today was 9 days! So crazy how soon that is, since we've pretty much been planning this since the beginning of the summer, or earlier.

We are going to see our new house this Saturday - to look at a patio furniture set that the lady asked if we want to buy from her - and check out the house again, since we've only seen it once. Paul is already looking forward to seeing where he can set up his new TV, how we can set up the bedroom, office, and so on. Secretly, I'm looking forward to that as well. Also on Saturday we have to get last minute stuff for the trip, go to the bank to put in my cheque/get American money, and then I have to work. Busy day!

I miss people alot these days. Namely, my mom. And Katie. Why do the people I'm closest with (besides Paul) have to be SO far away? My mom's coming here shortly after we move to see the new place and stay for a couple of nights, but I probably won't see Katie again til the summer time :( I guess I was soooo spoiled in 2009, since I saw my mom and Katie and Jen and my brother and my sister a whole bunch of times. Paul and I were in Thunder Bay in May, then everyone was down here in August for the wedding, then we were back in Thunder Bay in December. 2010 won't bring my favourite people close to me quite as often. Maybe I'll try Katie's option (she suggested I get pregnant soon, so she has an excuse to come and see me, sooner!). Paul says we can start trying to get pregnant on my birthday (April 1st). And while I'd love to start trying sooner, I want to respect the way he looks at it. So, we shall see.

Off now to put the dogs to bed and go over to Paul's sister's place. Tomorrow = going for a walk with my friend Justin and his adorable English Bulldog. :D Also, work. Boo :(

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Staring into the intersection, she thinks that she can fly.

I'm feeling really happy today. Usually, I get up, pack Paul's lunch and send him off to work, then lay around with the pups for awhile before I get my act together and start with housework, etc. Today, I sent Paul's off, then got an email. It was from the lady who currently lives in our new house. She said that Jan. 30th is good to do the move, and if they are out earlier, she will let us know. Also, she asked if we want her patio furniture! (She's selling us all five appliances, as well!) Now I can relax, breathe and get ready for our vacation!

On the same topic, Paul wants to pack himself. He doesn't do this well. He just throws things in the suitcase at the last minute and then get mad when we get wherever we're going, because he doesn't have something that he wants to wear. He doesn't make lists or pack strategically, like I do. Yesterday I made a list for him, and he said, "No, I'll pack myself, it's too soon to start packing anyway."

We are leaving in ten days!

I've already started packing clothes - dresses, underwear, shorts, tank tops - as well as sunscreen, bug spray, lotions... I hate leaving things til the last minute and I'd rather just have to pack a toothbrush and deodorant the day before we leave. We'll see what happens with Paul.

I'm realizing today how much I'm going to miss my dogs. We spend every morning and afternoon together, every day. We cuddle, we play, we go out for walks. They are pretty well behaved, other than the odd time that Ruby gets into something she shouldn't (like my coffee, today) or Olivia decides to try and play with the cats, who then beat her up. Right now, they are both laying beside me, Ruby to my left and Olivia to my right. I love them so much.

Now, I know I'll be on the beach, drinking it up at the swim-up bar, going scuba diving and eating at the fancy restaurants... I'm sure I won't spend too much time missing the pups. But now that I'm still home with them, I think about the fact that maybe they'll miss us. Well, they do get pretty spoiled at Paul's parents' house. They love it there. They might even forget Paul and I exsist (I sure hope not, though).

Since I missed yesterday's Ruby Tuesday post, here are some pictures of each of my girls, just because.

Monday, January 4, 2010

God damn the black night, with all it's foul temptations.

All my dogs have been doing lately is fighting. They fight over chewies (rawhides), toys, Paul and I... anything. I think they are sick of living in this small apartment. I think they want their own space. Little do they know... soon (less than four weeks?!) they will have more space than they can probably imagine. Upstairs, main floor, basement, backyard! I can't wait to see what they think of the new house. Until then, I will deal with the sibling rivalry between my pups, and keep my mind on the bigger picture - moving out of this apartment.

Tomorrow I'll continue with the packing, both for the move and for our trip in less than two weeks. I have the day off, so I'll also do the dishes and tidy up the living room, change the cat litter... all of the annoying tasks I do on my days off. I really wish I could just stay in bed all day. Or just work on my story all day. But my days off are not my own to enjoy - and I am okay with that. There's stuff to and I'll get it done.

Last night we watched My Sister's Keeper - the second time for me, first time for Paul. He really liked it (he gets all sappy about movies like that), and he didn't know the story like I did, from reading the book. I love the story, it's so real and emotional. I can only hope to one day write a story as amazing as hers.

It's after 2am again, it seems this is the time I feel like sitting down to blog. After work, after my shower, my dogs are relaxing and Paul is watching TV - I am in my own little world on my laptop, typing away. We've been staying up real late these day, usually until close to 4am. Then we get up at 11am, Paul goes off to work and I get started on my tasks for the day.

I just finished looking at the website for the resort we're going to in the Dominican, because Paul wanted me to look it up to see what kind of food there would be.

We are now one hundred times more excited. And I bet you are one hundred times more jealous?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

This must be it, welcome to the New Year.

I think I'm going to title each post from now on with lyrics from a song that are suitable to the post I'm about to write. 20 points if you can name the song.

It doesn't feel like a New Year to me. It's just as cold (colder), just as boring and just as stressful. I was really hoping for the change into 2010 to be something drastic, where I could say "Yes, it's a new year now!" But no, I don't feel that way. I thought that since the stress of Christmas and getting our passports had surpassed, I could finally sit back and just enjoy myself, waiting patiently for our trip to the Dominican to arrive. But again, no, the stress is lingering now because we are feeling tight on money and me missing a week of work (and pay) isn't going to be good once we get back. Why of why does growing up have to equal stressing out about things, unwillingly. I feel like I'm always stressed about something these days. When do I get to just live? In the Dominican, in two weeks, I guess.

Anyway, Paul and I ended up staying in on New Years - not that he was really happy about that. He wanted to go and be with his friends, but they went to Toronto and since he knew that I wanted to stay in, he went along with it. We watched Up! (so cute and sad) and ate diner that I made. I think it was nice to be home together - I hope he thought so too.

I just got home from work, at 2am. I'm exhausted, my chest hurts (please help me pray that I am not getting a chest infection) and my eyes just want to close. But my writer's block is gone, so I will write for awhile, at least until I finish the chapter I'm working on. Oh, and I'm very excited that Katie said she'd read and edit my writing a little bit at a time. I know I need it all editor before I can get it published, so this is very exciting for me!

Tomorrow we're going to a McKee family reunion, I believe. I work weird shifts this week coming up, so I'm going to be "off" all week, I know it. At least I can just keep saying, less than two weeks til Dominican, less than two weeks til Dominican...