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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another month goes by...

Just realizing now that I haven't posted here in a month. Four weeks is a long time, but it sure passes quickly these days! I'm 34 and a half weeks pregnant - less than 6 weeks go to now! In the past month I had two baby showers - we feel so loved and blessed by everyone who came and celebrated our little guy and showered us with gifts! The first shower was at Paul's mom's house and hosted by her and Paul's sister - it was mostly family and family friends, and it was so much fun. My mom and my sister came for the weekend and besides the fact that it rained for three days straight, we had a great time.

Then this past weekend we had our "friends" shower at Paul's best friend's house. It was so much fun, all of our awesome friends came and brought food and gifts! We had an awesome time! Here's a picture of me and Paul from that party:

I only have three more shifts left at work before I go on maternity leave. It's so hot and busy at work now that I'm really glad to be almost done. I know it's going to be weird to be not working, but at least I'll have time to finish up everything around the house and the baby's room before he makes his arrival!

Here's a quick picture of the nursery from a couple weeks ago, before his bedding was set up:

I'll post a "finished" picture soon.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll have more to write about next time. I can't wait til I can start blogging about the baby!