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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It feels like summer..

May 1st, what a great day to have *gorgeous* weather. It was +25 C today, and Noah and I spent the entire day outside. We went for a morning bike ride with Dad (Noah in the bike trailer), played at the park, went for a ride in the wagon and then played in the front yard with the make-shift "sensory water bins". It was an all around awesome day.


"Say cheese!"

Laying in the sand at the park


Oh, get this. My little boy is "almost two". I say that because when someone asks us how old he is, we no longer answer with "21 months". We say, "he's almost two". I don't know when this happened, but it makes me very sad. I mean, he's so sweet and smart and funny - but I just can't believe he'll be TWO years old in a few months. 

Yesterday was a rough day with him, he literally whined all day, nothing made him happy. He got mad at me for offering something, then for not offering something what he really wanted. I was supposed to be a mind reader, apparently. There was a lot of screaming, for no reason, and hitting out of frustration, which is unlike him. He also went to bed an hour early, woke up at midnight extremely pissed off and didn't go back to sleep til after 2am. It was hard, and I felt very... done.  But then he woke up at 8am in a great mood and we had an amazing day today. No whining, no screaming, no fighting.

I know some days will be harder than others, especially with him approaching two years old. But having a great day right after a terrible one made my perspective quite a bit better. And he gives the best hugs and kisses, so that helps, too. 

Here's to hoping tomorrow's just as great as today - but if it's not, we'll get through it and I'm going to try to smile and laugh more with him, and yell less... even if I feel like I'm about to explode (or rip my hair out). He's just a little guy, I have to remember, and he doesn't mean to make me crazy sometimes. Sometimes I just look at him and I'm so overwhelmed with love and I feel like a terrible Mom for ever yelling or getting upset with him. I must remember to take a deep breath and let it out, listen to him then proceed. That's my goal, going forward.