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Friday, September 16, 2011

2 Months old!

My days pass by do fast now that all of a sudden it's been weeks since I've posted here again. I feel like there's never enough hours in my day. I make lists of what I want/need to get done for the day and then when Noah naps I never seem to get anything done. Most days I vacuum, do dishes, tidy up and do diaper laundry- every other day. And that's on top of dealing with the dogs and taking care of a newborn. If possible I always try to get in a half hour walk with Noah as well. I've lost my baby weight but I have about 10 more lbs until I'll feel great about my body.

He's napping now and I'm sitting here typing this out instead of doing dishes. I hardly get on my laptop at all these days though, so it's ok. Dishes can wait. We'll just make more dirty dishes tomorrow anyway.

Noah is 9 weeks old already, which just blows my mind. He's 14 lbs and 25 inches long. He's smiling and laughing all the time now, and yesterday he actually kicked and splashed in his bathtub. He absolutely amazes me every single day. We love him more than words can express. We aren't sure how we ever lived without him.

Here's a couple pictures from his 2 month photo shoot that I did the other day: