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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New year, new plan - changes to come

Well. It's been like 8 months since I've blogged. Too long. Summer 2013 was amazing and flew by much too fast. I can't believe I didn't post once all summer. Crazy. My boy turned 2 years old in July. We spent an awesome week at our cottage and had two birthday parties for the boy. My husband and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary in August.

September was a great month as well. We celebrated my husband's birthday, as well as my brother's and my mother in law's. And, though we didn't know until a few weeks later, we conceived our second baby! I found out on October 1st that I was pregnant. We'd been trying for close to a year, though only 6 or 7 months of that time I was even ovulating. It took about the same amount of time to get pregnant this time as it did with Noah. My due date is early June, a month sooner than I was due with Noah, 3 years ago.

October flew by, we announced the pregnancy to my husband's family on Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is mid-October), and to my Mom on FaceTime a few days before that. Halloween was fun, though it was pouring rain all day and evening so this Dora and Boot got very wet Trick or Treating.

I can't really remember November much - other than getting ready for Christmas, putting up the tree, shopping. I guess that's pretty much what November consisted of! Oh and Noah got to go see Santa at the mall and tell him what he'd like for Christmas (a drumset).

In December, we found out that my brother and his girlfriend are expecting a baby this coming summer as well! They are due in July, right around Noah's birthday. My best friend (who lives TOO far away) is also pregnant and due in July as well. I'm so excited for all the babies!

Christmas was great, Noah got spoiled and had an awesome time with our family and friends.

And now it's January 2014. A new year. A big year. I will be a Mom of two. Noah will become a big brother and get his very first cousin. I am still figuring out how I will make everything work and still be the Mom I want to be (the Mom I was/am to Noah) as a Mom of 2 and doing home daycare as well. I know everything will work out how it's supposed to. It's going to be busy summer and I'm so excited!

Oh, and in four days we get to see this baby on the ultrasound for the first time and (fingers crossed) get to find out if Noah's getting a little brother or sister. We cannot wait.