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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How quickly time passes by...

In two days, I'll be 30 weeks pregnant! I swear the last two months have just flown by, as I'm sure the next two will. I can't believe it'll be May in just a few days. May will bring lots of excitement, though, so I'm not complaining one bit. May is my last month of work. I have *two* baby showers in May. My Mom and my sister are coming to visit in May. Oh, and I also have a haircut appointment in May! I love May already!

My midwife appointments are happening every two weeks now, until 36 weeks - then they'll be once a week til the end. My appointment last Monday went really well - I got good results from my urine test (no bladder infection) and from my glucose test (no gestational diabetes!). She measured my belly and said I'm right at the right size. I will be having another ultrasound in about two weeks - we are excited to see our boy again as well as hopefully find out how much he weighs (approx.) and what percentile he is in.

I really have loved being pregnant. I love talking about it. I love feeling him move and kick. Everyone has been asking me lately if I'm "ready to be done", but I don't think I'm really there yet. I still have ten weeks of being pregnant and I plan on trying to enjoy every minute. This pregnancy has literally flown by and I already know I'm going to miss being pregnant. Not that I'm not *super* excited to meet our little boy - I am so stoked to be a Mom. I'm excited to see him in all the clothes he already has, and to put him in his cute little cloth diapers.

He's my 29 week picture, from Easter Sunday:

Ahh, 18 days til my Mom and my sister get here (and 19 until my first baby shower!). The countdown really is on now - I haven't seen my Mom since Christmas and I haven't seen my sister in... oh man, since *last* Christmas? Living far away from them is hard, but it makes getting to see them even more special!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

13 weeks to go!

I can hardly believe that I'm 27 weeks pregnant today. I mean, I *feel* 27 weeks pregnant, that's for sure. My belly is getting pretty big now and my feet get sore when I'm on them too long. I am almost into my third trimester, and exhaustion has hit me once again. Naps are my friend. It's just really hard to believe that we will have our baby in our arms in less than three months now. Wow.

My baby shower is in about five weeks - my mom and my sister are flying here for that weekend! I can't wait to see them and have everyone (friends, family) together to celebrate our little boy.

This means I only have about seven weeks of work left, if I make it that long. As of right now, I'm planning to work til the end of May, taking off the month of June to relax and nest and get everything ready. I wouldn't ever have thought that I'd want to take four weeks off work before the baby comes, but my job is stressful that time of year and not to mention how hot the kitchen gets. Being on my feet at eight months pregnant doesn't sound good at all. Being Canadian is really awesome - especially when it comes to health care and Maternity leave. I'm taking off a full year - it sounds insane when I say it outloud, as I've never *not* worked, since I was 14. But I know that being a mother can be (and will be for me) a full time job. After the year, I'll go back to work part-time and hopefully my mom will be living here by then so the babe won't have to go to a babysitter or daycare.

I can't wait for my mom to move here. She has work to do on her house and then of course putting it up for sale and getting it sold - but I hope it doesn't take more than a year from now for all that to happen. I don't want her to miss out on her grandchildren. She's going to be an amazing Gram.

Okay, a couple of pictures to end this post. First, my 26 week belly shot (yes, my belly button has popped out, half way):

Second, some of my "stash" of cloth diapers, so far. I have about six more than this, but these are my "new" ones that I got last weekend.

I only need to get a handful of newborn diapers, then I'll be ready to go. Well, besides the 30 or so inserts/liners that I plan on making over the next month. I am so excited about cloth diapering, it's pretty silly. Paul is on board, though hardly as excited as I am. Oh well, that's husbands for ya.