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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March is going out like a lion, that's for sure.

You know what they say, "In like a lamb, out like a lion". Well, it's the second last week of March and while yesterday we had zero snow on the ground and it was feeling very spring-like (not to mention that it was the first offcial day of spring a couple days ago), last night and all day today we are getting dumped on. So far I'd say about a foot of snow and it's still coming down. The weather lady said it should stop by midnight - I'm sure by then it'll be more like two feet. I mean, it's really coming down out there. I am sort of in shock about it - it doesn't feel real. I had (as had many other people) convinced myself that spring was here, snow was gone for good. Good one Mother Nature, you got me.

It's my birthday in nine days. I can't believe I'll soon be 25. It didn't seem like a big deal when Paul turned 25 in September, but 25 now seems pretty old. It'll be my last birthday as a non-Mom. This weekend we are heading out for dinner with Paul's parents, his sister and her boyfriend. It's also Paul's Dad's birthday this week, so we are celebrating together, like usual. Next weekend, we are celebrating my birthday again with a party at our friends' place. I'm really looking forward to being around family and friends, but I do so wish my mom, brother and sister and best friends could be here to celebrate with me.

So, as of tomorrow I will be 25 weeks pregnant. Hard to believe there's only 15 weeks to go! Here's my 24 week "bump" picture:

Oh, and I've recently learned that I'm obsessed with cloth diapers. There are SO many brands and styles, and I've found many mothers who make them themselves as well. So far we have five - plus a bunch of liners. We have all pocket style right now, but I'm interested in some all-in-ones and fitted diapers as well. This is the thing I'm most excited about, I think, when it comes to baby. Diapers. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

In a goosebump infested embrace... my over-anxious hands, cupping your face.

This weekend we are getting a new vehicle! I sort of can't believe it - we went to the place last weekend to talk to someone and crunch some numbers, it turned out we could totally afford to trade in our car and get an SUV. The payment will be a bit more per month but the insurace will be basically the same. We are getting a 2008 Pontiac Torrent, much like this one:

I am excited to have so much more space, plus I'll be able to get the car seat that I want for the baby without having to worry about whether it'll fit properly in the car. I'm sure the pups will enjoy it too, and they can now go in the "trunk" space when we go places and be safe to play and everything.

We are also heading to the cloth diaper seminar this weekend, and hopefully picking up our first few diapers! On Sunday we are going to Ikea with some friends, possibly getting a few small baby items there as well. It's too easy to spend money on the baby - he already has a few outfits and socks and stuff.

Here's my 22 week "bump" picture:

I definitely feel like everyone can tell I'm pregnant now, even when I'm wearing my winter coat. I've already had a few "when are you due?" questions from strangers, which is weird. Everyone keeps saying that I'm "big" more how far along I am. There's a girl at my work that's almost 30 weeks and I'm just as big as she is. Eeeek. Oh well. I love feeling him kick me all day long now - sometimes it feels like he's tickling the inside of my belly, other times it's definitely kicks/punches.

I talk to him all the time now, too. Some people might think I'm nuts, but I want him to recognize my voice. I am sort of wishing now that we were going to name him before he's born - just so I could call him by his name when I'm talking to him. We have decided to have two names ready and then when we see him, we'll decide what his name is.

Now I'm off to make dinner for myself and hang out with Ruby and Olivia until Paul gets home.